Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sears & the Whirlpool Polara stinks!!!

Is it so much to ask that when a repair man schedules a time to come fix something in your home they appear as promised? I have had more trouble with my stove and the repair center than the appliance is worth.
Just a piece of worthy advice. Never buy a Whirlpool Polara. It is a piece of junk. In fact, it is such a piece of junk they are not sold anymore. They were only manufactured for two years. I have had this stove for four years. The computer panel has been replaced three times. Thn fan has been replaced three times. A heating elemental has been replaced once. The glass stop cracked and had to be replaced. Need I go on?
I could not even begin to start my complaints about the repair service which we must use because of the extended warranty I bought. We have been working on the stove since the end of October ordering parts left and right yet it still is not fixed. And during the last two months, they have been no shows on two appointments. When I call and complain...oh I am sorry let me reschedule you.

Grrrrr! I really dislike Sears right now.

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